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I'm kinda gonna gank my day one from the person I stole this from.… - Diaries of a Pyromaniac
The one who knows, what it's like to burn....
I'm kinda gonna gank my day one from the person I stole this from. But that's okay. It's how all good writers start I bet.

Sup! Name is Anthony. That's all you can have. If you are reading this, you most likely know the rest, or atleast should. Because you probably have me added on Myspace or Facebook and can just see it there.

Born March 6th, 1987 to my mother Lisa. Normal people have a father in there too, but if you and I are friends, you know my dad isn't in the picture, and if he ever shows up, he gon' get shanked. I don't know the time, or location or any of those fun facts. But the fact is; I was born.

I've lived out in New Boston since I was born, even though I wasn't adopted by my Grandparents until I was 5. And honestly? I probably wouldn't be who I am today if that hadn't happened. I got lucky. Yes, it's confusing to figure out how the whole thing worked, but the moral is: it did. And it was for the better. My mother was an alcoholic and was not in a stable living situation herself, when she gave birth to me. My grandparents offered to take me in, and Lisa agreed. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. And it wasn't something just done out of not wanting to take care of me. She did, but she knew she couldn't; so she wasn't selfish. She did what was best for me.

I love my Mother. Don't think that I don't. I visit her all the time and we talk a lot.

Went to school at Brown Elementary and then moved to Renton Junior High.. and then all the shit hit the fan. My "behavioral" problems reared their ugly heads. I was shipped out of Renton in 7th grade, and sent to Simpson Junior High in Flat Rock. I barely scraped through that, and then reality hit. High School. Lots of bad shit went down there.

I met a lot of wonderful people, and I hurt a lot of people in that time. I won't go into details, i'd hit the character limit without being near done. I had my first serious relationship in that time frame, cheated on a lot of girls, and hurt a lot of other people. Barely scraped through high school, but that was my goal. I had to do it. There was no fail, there was no 'not' doing it. My fathers health was failing. I swore to him, he'd see his son walk across the stage and receive his diploma. And I did. I had a semi-normal end of High School. More on the end of high school in a later day. :)

So, I didn't attend college until I was 20.. And only went one year. Currently trying to go back, but I can't be assed to. Also more on that later. Or you can ask... or something. I don't know.

So; to wrap this up and steal more from the person I stole this from: The Here and Now.

I'm 23. I was engaged, and that ended poorly. More her, than me, but we both were at fault. She'd never admit it though. I play games. I bowl. I'm a massive nerd. I still live in the boonies. I roleplay. I used to have a bazillion friends, and now I can count them on a single hand (Yes, I burned a lot of bridges too before someone says something). I know who my true friends are. And I love each and every one of them. Yes; it sucked to find out the hard way.. but you appreciate them more, once you know who's really there for you. Who will go to bat for you; who will kick your ass when you need it. Who will say "Hey, Anthony, i've been worried about you recently. Are you okay?" (You know who you are, I don't need to tag you. Thank you for that ♥ ). Yeah, it sucks not constantly being asked to hang out by all those people, but now? It's for the best. I have the best friends someone could ask for, and i'm working on rebuilding myself. It's a slow process, but to know fault, is the first step to fixing it, no?

If I missed something in my past, or you want more elaboration; do not hesitate to ask. I will answer the best I can if i'm comfortable or can find the ways to word it.

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